Tuesday, December 2, 2008

delta dirt

I'm from a little bitty town in the Mississippi delta
two dirt roads and a VFW, little Post Office,
a Dew Drop In, Texaco and a cotton gin.

Hello all this is my first post. I do live in the Mississippi delta don't know why except that is where I was born and grew up. I am now retired from the Department of Agriculture. I taught school for a while farmed for 15 years and went broke in the 8o's. Left home at age 49 moved to Kansas City and traveled the midwest as a Compliance Investigator for the Federal Crop Insurance Corp. This was a dream job. Traveling the back side of rural America and meeting folks that lived on the land same as I did. Along life's way I ran into lots of different kinds of folks and started a web site http://www.delta-dirt.com/ some stories and other stuff are posted there. I am looking forward to visiting with you all.